What we have done

KOMP breaks through social isolation of the elderly  

Founded in October 2015, the Norwegian tech start-up No Isolation has the mission to take people out of their social isolation and to prevent loneliness. The company achieves this mission by developing means of communication that are fully adapted to the needs and wishes of vulnerable target groups. Te tech start-up has developed two products. The AV1 (launched in 2016), designed for children and young people with long-term illness, is a telepresence robot that works in the classroom and beyond – as the child’s eyes, ears and voice. The second product is KOMP, a one-button display designed for the elderly wo are unable or unwilling to learn digital skills. Elderly people can receive messages, photos and video calls with this screen. KOMP helps the elderly to remain involved in family life and therefore feel less lonely.  

No Isolation turned to Blyde for the launch of KOMP in the Netherlands. The aim? Increasing awareness of No Isolation as a “company on a mission” and the launch of KOMP as a new product to help elderly people out of their social isolation.  

approach Blyde

Drop user case (Video, sharp Q&A + fact sheet focussed on the Dutch market. Pre-launch reviews (test KOMP with your father/mother/grandfather/grandmother), corporate lifestyle and tech launch, one on ones with founders. Result: stacked reach – 14,5 million, media value – 110K. Publications in Linda, Telegraaf, Business Insider, FD, RTLnieuws, Plus Online, Emerce and Bright. Campaign size – M.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

10. reduced inequalities

Discriminatory laws and practices that only increase inequality must also come to an end. Everyone must have equal opportunities and be involved in all social, economic and political aspects of society.   


A selection of the free publicity we generated for the introduction of KOMP: 

LINDA, 14 May 2019.
Business Insider, 15 May 2019.
Financieel Dagblad, 19 July 2019.
Telegraaf, 6 July 2019.
RTL Nieuws, 4 June 2019.