What we have done

Sustainable solution for energy problem in emerging markets

Energy pioneer Rural Spark enables access to clean, safe, reliable and local energy in emerging markets. Why? Because access to energy is a universal right, yet over two billion people worldwide have little to no access to it. How? Through disruptive technologies and completely separated from the existing, traditional energy grid. Rural spark already had plans on the agenda for an investment round through crowdfunding platform Symbid. With the planned investment they intended to scale-up and expand their work to Sub-Saharan Africa – a potential growth market with no less than 580 million inhabitants without access to energy. To raise awareness amongst the general public of Rural Spark’s mission, as well as their investment round, the company joined forces with Blyde. With visible success: within a week after spreading the news Rural Spark raised twice the minimum target amount of 200.000 euros. With a total of 429.000 euros, the company is determined to provide Sub-Saharan Africa with energy.  

Approach Blyde

Rural spark was founded in 2013. So no launch of a new product, but an expansion into a new market and a push for the investment round on Symbid. That’s why Blyde chose for a purposeful approach and started at the beginning: strong key messages that can be used for specific media target audiences. Sharp press docs with the necessary facts ensuring that in-depth pieces reached the right audience. Result: a radio interview, 7 publications in relevant daily papers + 7 qualitative online publications. Combined reach free publicity: 5 million. Media value publications: 238K. Campaign size – S.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

7. affordable and clean energy

One in five people does not have access to clean energy at this moment. Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for everyone. We need energy for our welfare and our wellbeing: to live and to work. Society would not be able to develop itself the way it does now without access to energy. That’s why it is important that everyone can make use of energy, according to the United Nations. At the same time, energy development is one of the biggest problems of this century. We are generating too much energy from coal, oil and gas. These fossil fuels are going to run out and they are causing climate change. At least 60 percent of the emissions of greenhouse gases is cause by energy development. 

8. Decent work and economic growth

Promote continuous, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for everyone. In many countries, having a job doesn’t automatically mean that you can escape poverty. This needs to change. That’s why SDG 8 focuses on decent work for everyone and sustainable and inclusive economic growth. This means that everyone that is able to work needs to have the opportunity to work, under good working conditions. These jobs have to stimulate economic growth without damaging the environment.


A selection of the free publicity we generated for Rural Spark: 

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