Article 1

The present general terms and conditions for Blyde B.V. (“Blyde”) (the “General Terms and Conditions”), can be read at Blyde’s registered office in Amsterdam, (1015 AD), Het Singel 84.

Article 2

The General Terms and Conditions apply to all services rendered by or for Blyde. To the best of its ability, Blyde will advise the client in the areas of communication and public relations. Blyde can offer no guarantees as to the outcome of the contract.

Article 3

The General Terms and Conditions are for the benefit of:

  • undertakings with which Blyde has or has formerly had a management contract, the directors and shareholders included;
  • employees, former employees and other parties that are or have been in any capacity employed at, associated with or in service for Blyde and its beneficiaries.

Article 4

When engaging third parties Blyde will, wherever possible, consult the client beforehand and exercise due care in the selection of said parties. At no point may Blyde be held liable (in a qualitative sense) for shortcomings on the part of any third party thus engaged.

Article 5

The client is always responsible for supplying information of relevance to the contract.

Article 6

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, Blyde charges an hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours worked on the client’s behalf. Blyde reserves the right to alter its rates at any time.

  • If it is acceptable that the contractor has incurred higher costs and/or carried out extra work which could reasonably be considered necessary, the contractor will pass these on to the client. In as far as is reasonably possible, the contractor will notify the client in advance of said extra work or higher costs.
  • Should the client alter the contract or request additional work, Blyde will charge this at its customary hourly rates. Where additional work is required, the final fee, based on the work carried out and the costs incurred, will be calculated afterwards in accordance with the contractor’s customary hourly or daily rates.
  • Unless agreed otherwise, all sums quoted and offered by the contractor are exclusive of VAT.

Article 7

Blyde issues a monthly invoice. The client is given a payment term of fourteen days. Blyde charges an advance payment for any (additional) work agreed. The client is automatically in default if payment is not received within that term, no further notice of default being required. In which case the client shall owe late-payment interest at 1% of the amount due per month, each month commenced constituting a full month. The client will also owe extra-judicial collection costs in line with the Statutory Scale of Extra-judicial Collection Fees [Staffel Buitengerechtelijke Incassokosten], plus statutory non-payment interest.

Article 8

Where the client is remiss or late in the payment of invoices, whether they relate to the contract in progress or not, Blyde reserves the right to suspend activities for an unspecified period or to terminate them entirely with immediate effect. Any costs owing, including those to third parties, as the result of a suspension of activities, are payable by the client. This will have no effect on the client’s obligation to pay invoices outstanding and invoices yet to be raised. Blyde has the right to offset the advance received from the client against any unpaid client invoices for the contract in progress or any other contract. Blyde also has the right to offset client monies received from third parties against outstanding invoices.

Article 9

Losses arising from legal relations between Blyde and third parties, in respect of work carried out by Blyde on its client’s behalf, including but not limited to suppliers of products and services, location hire, are payable by the client. Blyde cannot be held fully liable (in a qualitative sense) for losses sustained by the client due to non-fulfilment, unlawful action or another circumstance. Where Blyde is required to pay compensation on the grounds of failings in the services provided, said compensation shall be limited at maximum to the invoice amount for the service provided. Nor can Blyde be held liable for losses sustained due to the missing of deadlines, or consequential or indirect losses including damage through lost profits, financial losses or lost savings.

Article 10

The client indemnifies Blyde against claims filed by the former or third parties, arising from or in relation to advice or services provided by Blyde in the broadest sense of the words.

Article 11

It may unfortunately be the case that Blyde is unable to fulfil the obligations arising from the agreement due to force majeure. In such a case, Blyde will announce the situation at the earliest opportunity. For as long as the force majeure persists, Blyde’s fulfilment of the agreement will be suspended. Force majeure applies if, after the present agreement has taken effect, Blyde is unable to fulfil its obligations for a reason or situation beyond its control or sphere of risk, such as (but not limited to) fire, flood, government measures, pandemic or epidemic. Where circumstances of force majeure persist beyond one month, either party may terminate the agreement without recourse to the courts. 

Article 12

Blyde reserves the right to terminate this agreement without recourse to the courts and with immediate effect if the client is declared bankrupt or granted a suspension of payment, or if either party’s business is wound up or liquidated.

Article 13

Blyde reserves the right to amend or supplement these general terms and conditions. The contractor will communicate amendments to the client in good time and in writing.

Article 14

The legal relations between Blyde and its client are governed by the laws of the Netherlands. Disputes relating to or arising from the legal relations between the client and Blyde are within the sole jurisdiction of the competent court for the district of Amsterdam.