The past years have laid bare many truths about our current model of capitalism — the severe income inequality and the belief that improving human lives and taking care of the environment are expendable for better profit margins. The changemakers in the growing Certified B Corporation community are demanding an end to the myth that profits must come at the expense of purpose, and environmental and social care. It’s time to wake up, it’s time for action.

At Blyde we believe in questioning the status quo. We believe in the power of the collective, in taking a stand and inspiring people by showing what can and must be changed. In our Wake Up Calls, Blyde stirs up hunger for positive change. We listen to several B Corp voices who talk about their call to action for companies around the globe today. By letting people from different perspectives and businesses speak, we would like to underline the important role of business in this decade of action. ‘On stage’ today: changemaker Joy van Roessel, Marketing Manager of Capi Europe.


What was your wake-up call for contributing to a better world? 

Not really one specific wake-up call. We are working on a better world for a long time now in everything we do. It is what we keep in mind in everything we do. It is a standard. There is so much happening that you can’t ignore it anymore and if you still need a wake-up call to contribute you are way behind.

Can you share an example of how your company has taken a stand and inspired positive change in your industry or community, and what impact did it have? 

We want to prove everything we do. A lot of people say things that are not true. We have certificates and prove for everything we say. And we hope consumers will ask companies to prove their promises so that we will have an honest industry and community.

What are the most important lessons you learned in the past in making positive impact and how will you apply them today? 

That it takes a lot of time and energy, but eventually something blossoms in more and more people to work together for a better world. You need a long breath to be a forerunner, but you inspire people. That’s about employees, customers and everyone in your community. If people believe in what you do and if you take good care of people, it becomes everyone’s standard. So, above all, patience and perseverance.

If you could invite one company to join the B Corp community, what company would that be and why? 

EveryONE. It should be a standard for every company and we can say out of experience that you will learn so much from the process so it will only delivers progress. If we need to name one, although it is not a company, it should be the government itself. That will be a wake-up call.

In your opinion, what is the most pressing issue facing businesses today, and how can B Corps lead the way in addressing it?

Rules and regulations. Companies have to comply with so many things at the expense of actual sustainable operations. At the same time, many rules are missing that force companies to make truly sustainable choices. It doesn’t add up and there are too many companies that shout green but don’t do it and have too much impact.

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